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We are pretty awkward in front of the camera, will this make the portraits part of the day uncomfortable?


No way José. If you browse my portfolio you'll find carefree laughter, intimate moments, and confident smiles...all coming from self-proclaimed "awkward couples".

It's my biggest aim to help you relax and direct in a way that doesn't feel too contrived, all while maintaining focus on the connection between you, so that you can simply be yourselves.

Can I give you a shot list for all the photos I want captured on the day?


I love hearing what you're most excited about being photographed during your wedding, however I don't copy exact shots. My style is to document your beautiful day as it unfolds organically and I can assure you my best work happens when you trust me and allow the creativity to flow freely.

Do you have any timeline suggestions?


Do I ever!

The biggest piece of advice I can lend is this: Give yourself plenty of time.

Time to get ready, time to savour the first few moments following your vows.

Time to just hang with your best friends during bridal party shots.

Your married friends will all tell you that the day goes by in the blink of an eye!

I promise that if you allow enough time to savour all of these moments rather than rushing through to the next part of the day, you'll be able to remember it all much more clearly and have truly authentic photographs.

I also send out timeline tips after booking and meet with you over coffee about 6 weeks before your date to make a detailed outline for smooth sailing.

When can we expect to receive the final gallery?


I have a 12 week promise! I take my time perfecting in post, but I'm just as excited to deliver your final gallery/prints/album as you are to receive it.

Are you a LGBTQIA+ friendly business?


I am an LGBTQI+ ally and supporter of all kinds of love!

Goldlight Photography was constructed with my personal values at the forefront.

I do not support discrimination of any kind and am always looking for new ways to be more inclusive.

Do we get every photo you take?


Trust me, you do not want 3,000+ photos!

One of my favourite stages is reviewing your photos and finding those in-between moments that really speak up, the stills that evoke raw emotion and are an instant memory in art form.

Of course I include all of the key moments throughout the day, but not the versions that are blurry or unflattering. I only deliver those that meet my professional standard and as always, I aim for quality over quantity. Depending on the amount of coverage, final delivery is around 600-900 images from the day.

We're having a destination wedding,

do you travel?


Abso-freaking-lutey! I'm always looking for any excuse to hop on a plane and go adventure. Especially for love. Reach out through my contact form and tell me a little about yourself and your plans. Travel fees apply.

(*Covid Edit: All destination weddings on hold as Australian borders remain closed)

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