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So thankful you're here

Hi, I’m alexis!

My story begins with a longing for adventure.

This wanderlust brought me to over 15 countries around the globe and on every flight back home, I found myself curled up in comfy socks (airplanes are always freezing!) reviewing the endless photos from my trip, getting lost in the colours and textures of whatever country I had just left behind.

These snapshots captured invaluable memories that later transported me back to a time of adventure and always seem to conjure bliss even on the worst of days.

I felt determined to bottle up this magic for others to relive time after time.

It was on one of these flights when my life plans completely changed course.

I was flying back home to New York City from my first trip to Australia, when somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, I took an accidental yet restful snooze on a handsome fella’s shoulder.

Six years later, that aussie airplane stranger is now my husband.

So here I am, in gorgeous Adelaide where Goldlight Photography was born. I’m completely smitten with the life I’ve built, surrounded by natural beauty and wonderful people. Oh and incredible coffee! If this was an award ceremony they’d be playing me off stage with music by now, so I’ll wrap up by thanking you for your interest in my passion.

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Let's preserve some of your magic

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I'm inspired by

I’m Obsessed With

pistachio gelato

Wes Anderson films+ travel mags

Nothing makes me happier than

My Favorite tv show is

Schitt's Creek+Ted Lasso

elderly dogs, pastel sunsets, gratitude

I Started This Business

I’m Addicted to

at the age of 25

pasta. in all its glorious forms.

My perfect hobby

A few of my favourite things.

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roadtrips with my husband + pup

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cheeky chooks, bernie + Maple who greet me at the door after every shoot

Photographs that bring me joy.

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supportive, loving husband who is the reason I photograph couples

These are ones in my life that bring gratitude and happiness.

Personal images that evoke joy have me falling in love with what I do all over again.

It is my hope that what we create together will bring about all those warm fuzzies each and every time you look back.

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sweet pup, juniper who is filled with nothing but love + carrots

sister & nephew in the u.s.

who i facetime with every day, They are the reason I photograph families

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I can't wait to use my story to help tell yours!

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