At the risk of sounding like a complete cheeseball (which I am), I'll just say this:
Years down the road, after experiencing more of life's joyful adventures and challenging hardships together, you'll look back on your story with fresh eyes and recall exactly how you felt when you decided to face whatever the world threw at you, hand in hand. You'll be feeling increasingly smitten with your printed moments as time passes.

Preserved through the generations

-These handmade albums are printed on fine art matte paper with museum quality archival ink so they not only look amazing, they feel it.

-Designed in house by yours truly, with as much or as little of your input as you wish.

-Each album includes the option of linen or leather with an engraved cover.

-Optional additions include: hand-torn paper on every page, translucent front page, silk ribbon bookmark.

-These books will outlive us all, so choose your spouse wisely. ha.


Sizes: 3 Options

Square Album

Classic Square Album


30 pages
Engraved Cover
Choice of linen/leather


Vertical Album

Vertical Luxe Album


40 pages
Translucent front page
Engraved Cover
Choice of linen/leather
Silk ribbon bookmark


Parent Album

Parent Album


Parent albums are duplicate albums designed with family gifting in mind.

$825 when ordered alongside any Classic Square wedding album